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   Zhejiang Dahe Textile, Dyeing and Garment (Group) Co. Ltd. is a group incorporating thermo-electricity, light textile and chemistry. Situated in Anchang town, Shaoxin, it enjoys convenient transport - adjacent to Xiaoshan International Airport and Hangyong Expressway.

   Now the company has 1.5 billionYuan of total assets, 1600 empolyees among whom 300 are technicians and engineers. We have 4 printing factories, 1 steam supply and power generating plant, 1 brand-new anti-pilling plant with a series of process including weaving, dyeing, printing and anti-pilling, 1 new fur and wool plant with the largest scale in the province of jacquard, printing, dyeing and after-sizing, 2 chemical factories (paints and chlor - alkali ) and 2 Sino-foreign joint venture. We have imported fur jacquard, carding machine, basket print machine, round-hole print machine, sizing machine, braise machine, iron-and-trim machine, road line painting vehicle, etc.

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   Our major products: various kinds of hemp, cotton, and elastic fabric with dye or print, artificial wool, artificial ermine fur, various kinds of polar fleece, nanometer anti-bacteria lacquer for both inner or external walls, nanometer close primer, nanometer compound bridge lacquer, environment-friendly wood lacquer, glistening and non-glistening lacquer for expressways and highways, caustic soda, Nicotinic acid, sodium hypochlorite, bleaching powder, Chloroacetic acid, etc.

Chairman of the board: Xu Meican
Senior engineer Senior engineer of political work
General manager: Xu Wei

Foreign Trade manager:
Xu jianping
Spin Part manager:
Xu xiaoping
Address: Anchang Town, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province Postcode:312080 Tel: 086-0575-5655288 5654307 Fax: 086-0575-5653856
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